Enjoy a Beautiful, High-Functioning Remodel With Micasa

A Custom Kitchen Like This Could Be Yours

When you work with us and our online or or in-store showroom, you get to see some of the work we can do and pick out some of the aspects you like best for yourself. Using your guidance, we can create an entirely new kitchen for you, with products that we manufacture ourselves. From countertops to cabinets, we construct it in-house to fit the design of your dreams.

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Why You Should Choose Micasa For Your Kitchen:

  • You get to choose everything you want when you visit our showroom

  • Every aspect of your design can be customized

  • Products are built in-house and tailored to you

  • Lower costs thanks to in-house manufacturing and never subcontracting

  • Maximum space utilization and the best custom cabinets

  • The kitchen of your dreams in both looks and practicality!

Choose the Custom Kitchen Experts at Micasa

Since we started Micasa in 2017, we had a vision of doing things better in the remodel and renovation industry. Cookie-cutter designs and materials seem to catch onto homes like wildfire, and while you might expect this to bring reliability and consistency, it is more of the latter, and we just couldn’t see ourselves bringing in consistently low-quality materials simply because they’re the more popular and easier choice. We realized we could manufacture our own cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, and more — and do it in a way that delivers the customer both higher quality and a lower price.

Everybody cooks, creates, and works differently to some degree, so if you’re going to remodel and renovate your kitchen, it might as well be customized to do it in the way that fits you best. Take a look at some of the kitchens and components we’ve created below and reach out to us when you’re ready to get started! We know that you’ll be happy you did!


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