Custom Cabinetry

Improve Your Storage Space and Add Value to Your Home


Custom Cabinetry for Kitchens, Closets, and More

At Micasa Kitchens, we offer custom deluxe cabinetry services in Toronto that will not only increase your storage space and ease of use in certain spaces, but also add a beautiful compliment to your home’s architecture or interior design. Our custom cabinetry is dynamic — from the standard kitchen and bathroom cabinets to closet cabinetry with specialized sections for shoes, jewelry, and more, we can build the highest class of cabinetry to meet all your needs.

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Why You Should Choose Micasa For Your Bathroom renovation:

  • Unique cabinets custom-built specifically for you

  • More variety and options than many cabinetry providers

  • A variety of woods, stains, and fixture options

  • Practically any cabinet or drawer size and item accommodation available

  • In-house manufacturing without subcontractors translates to lower rates for you compared to our competitors

Choose the Custom Cabinetry Expertise of Micasa Kitchens

At Micasa Kitchens, we’re dedicated to higher quality and standards being kept in the construction industry, as well as to providing unique designs. We started our business in 2017 with the vision to always use the best materials and to give our customers something that would serve them for years to come. We’d accomplish this in part by manufacturing all of our renovation pieces in-house. From our counters to our cabinets, we take the raw materials and make them into essential pieces of your design and home. You'll never find cheap, flimsy, cookie-cutter cabinets here.

Around the industry, cabinets have become one of the most standardized items. While any cabinet is great for the storage space, homeowners who have basic cabinets installed are still making a large investment, but missing out on some of the benefits. For a marginally higher cost, you could have cabinets that are built for your needs and your items and that come with a beautiful, unique design. On top of all that, we’ve experienced firsthand that almost everyone loves variety in their cabinetry space. When you invest in custom cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, closet, or living room, consult with Micasa Kitchens to see everything we can do for you!

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Trust Micasa Kitchens For All Your Cabinetry

When you trust Micasa Kitchens with your deluxe cabinetry, you get a renovation company that manufactures all of their products in-house, so you get something that is fully customizable to you. Trust us today for your kitchen, bathroom, or closet cabinetry and we’ll add a feature to your home that is both beautiful and practical enough to make your life easy!