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About Micasa

Get to Know Your Toronto Deluxe Renovation Experts

When it comes to luxury home renovations, you shouldn’t rush things. It can be hard to find all the elements you want and in styles that you really love, but don’t let that make you choose something that’s just passable. With Micasa Kitchens, homeowners in the greater Toronto area can make their kitchen, bathroom, or entire house come alive with exactly the luxurious style and premium customizations they desire. With custom cabinetry, countertops, floors, and practically anything else, Micas Kitchens is the best choice for home renovations in Toronto that are truly and uniquely your own. Our quality and craftsmanship is what sets us apart - we take pride in our service, and we take pride in our quality of work. The end result is a luxurious transformation you can be proud of.

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The Benefits of Renovation Services From Micasa Kitchens:

  • Fully customized designs and deluxe features

  • Features — such as floors, cabinets, and countertops — that hold up longer than cheaper, stock options

  • Only the highest quality of materials are used, according to your preferences

  • You get to have a say in the design of all of your home’s features, whether selecting online or in our showroom

  • You'll own a home, kitchen, or bathroom that is truly unique and one-of-a-kind

Who We Are and Why We’re Here

Family-owned and operated, Micasa Kitchens and our renovations are a testament to the problems we saw in the renovation industry and the strides we’ve taken to make something better. We saw that too many renovations are completed with shoddy workmanship and mass-produced products that lack beauty, style, or even longevity. When we opened Micasa Kitchens in 2017, it was to do something new and to do it better than anyone else. Now, those looking for deluxe renovations in Toronto can get features and renovations of the highest quality, all completely crafted to fit their home.


Quality Craftsmanship


Unique Designs


Fully Customized


The Finest Products and Materials

Home Renovations We Provide

When it comes to renovations and customizable kitchen, bathroom, and other room features, there’s little we can’t do. One thing we won't do is fast, shoddy, poor-quality work. Renovations from Micasa are meant to bring out the best in your home and help you realize a living space that is entirely your own. If you have any questions regarding our renovation services, all you have to do is call!

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Complete Renovations

While we often provide standalone renovations — for kitchens or bathrooms — we’re capable of fully renovating the entirety of your home. When you work with us, you’ll get a home that’s yours in both proprietorship and style. Work with us today to see how we can make your house into an elegant, luxurious home. From choosing your cuts of wood and stone to installing features no one else has, our renovations make it all possible.


Bathroom Renovations

When it comes to your bathroom, you want a comfortable place of respite. It’s hard to get that when features are outdated and falling apart. Upgrade your bathroom with renovations from Micasa, and we can transform your bathroom into a genuine spa oasis. From shower floors and countertops designed to your own specifications, to features like heated floors and rain-style showers, there’s nothing we can’t do. Elevate your bathroom to the next level with Micasa.


Custom Cabinetry

At Micasa, not only do we make renovation dreams come true, but we can do the same for your storage spaces! Cabinetry isn’t one-size-fits-all. People have different stuff, different storage needs, and some certainly have more than others. With Micasa, you can get fully customized cabinetry for your kitchen, bathroom, closet, garage, or anywhere! We’ll build it completely to your needs. From specialty cabinets for jewelry, built-in cabinets, fine linens, or family heirlooms to standard cabinets for tools and clothes, we can provide the space and accommodations that you need.


Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is one of the most used and heavily trafficked rooms in the house, so it makes sense that you want to renovate! With Micasa Kitchens, you can get a luxurious kitchen that is entirely your own, with all the ease and convenience you desire. From choosing the most durable floors and easy-to-clean countertops to the look of the stone or wood you want, everything will be just as elegant and functional as you’ve imagined. Your kitchen will be the envy of home chefs everywhere!


Customize Your Home Into A Dream Home With Micasa Kitchens

We could go on and on about the different projects and customizations that we provide to homeowners in Toronto, but the only real way for you to get the full scope of what’s possible is to contact us or come into our showroom! Get in touch with us today to speak over the phone or make an appointment for a one-on-one showroom exploration, and let’s see what we can do for you and your home! We’re ready to make your home renovation dreams come true in Toronto.

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