12 Tips For Choosing The Right Custom Kitchen Cabinets

12 Tips For Choosing The Right Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Micasa Kitchen is the best remodeling company to help you find the perfect custom kitchen cabinets in Mississauga. Our kitchen remodeling experts know every detail of your space matters. Here are our 12 tips to help you decide!

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Is Custom Right for You?

Choosing the right custom kitchen cabinets can be a long process, but they’re a great way to make your kitchen stand out and fit your needs. The customization route allows more creativity than prefabricated cabinets. If these benefits sound like they can help your kitchen dreams come to life, then custom cabinets are right for you!

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Design to Maximize Your Storage

How do you want to use your storage space? Custom kitchen cabinets allow you to design a space that gives you all the necessary storage. Whether you’re filling your cabinets with cooking ingredients or Tupperware containers, we can help you design the perfect layout.

How Can Organization Work for Your Kitchen?

Remodeling your kitchen with Micasa Kitchen gives you the freedom to find a new organizational system. We will help make your kitchen beautiful while you create cabinets that are functional for you and your family. However you like to organize, we can help you find suitable custom kitchen cabinets that will work for you.

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Drawers or Cabinets?

Not only can we create custom kitchen cabinets to complete your newly remodeled kitchen, but we can also design drawers that add to the look and performance of the room. Our quality customized drawers and cabinets will save you money on maintenance over the years.

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Think Appliances!

No one knows how your kitchen will be used better than you. Are you more of a microwave meal fan, or will you be whipping up complex meals on the stovetop? Is a dishwasher your priority, or do you prefer a large farmhouse sink to wash dishes in? Micasa Kitchens aims to achieve a kitchen that works for your lifestyle rather than around it.

What’s Your Style?

Cabinets allow you to tie together the style of your kitchen remodel. Sleek and smooth cabinets to match your modern style, or wood details can soften your kitchen for a rustic look. Whatever it may be, our remodeling specialists will work with you to find the right style of custom kitchen cabinets that make your room feel cohesive and complete.



Choosing your style can also help narrow down the material. Solid wood, plywood, fiberwood, laminate — there are many options to choose from for custom kitchen cabinets in Mississauga. We offer a variety of high quality materials to meet the look and durability you need in your kitchen.

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Color Scheme

Whether you love the seamless look of a black and white kitchen or want fun pops of color in your retro-style design, our custom kitchen cabinet creation will allow you to select from a rainbow of color options.



The right kitchen cabinet finish can make a big difference in how your kitchen looks and feels! Our design experts can help you find a custom kitchen cabinet finish that works with your budget and overall remodeling needs.

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Micasa Kitchens strives to create a space that is custom made for your specific needs. If your kitchen is a space where young children will spend time, our custom kitchen cabinet designs can help protect your children without hindering the look of your space. Slow closing cabinets and drawers and childproofing lock systems are two popular choices for family kitchens!

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Custom cabinets can be found for a better price because they are made specifically for your home and not mass-produced like stock cabinets. Whatever your budget needs, Micasa Kitchens can help you find the best custom kitchen cabinets in Mississauga for your renovations!

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Cabinet Door Styles

Raised panels can create an elegant feel in your kitchen, while slab-styled custom kitchen cabinets can emphasize a sleek design. Choosing your cabinet door styles is easy with custom cabinets, and our team of remodeling experts has perfected each cabinet style, so your options are endless.

If these 12 tips have helped you decide on the perfect custom kitchen cabinet for your Mississauga home, we’re ready to help you get started.

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